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Pedestrian Green Space

While we have made progress in making Sandy Springs a better place to work and play, we still have work to do. I support the completion of additional sidewalks where needed, particularly to join major roads. I also support the creation of additional green space in new or rehabilitated development areas for our citizens to enjoy. 

Smart Development

It is essential to attract businesses into our community, while recognizing the need for smart and controlled development. We need to attract businesses that will not only add jobs and bring needed services into our community, but that will also provide partnerships and become an integral part of our community. I support the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, which provides the community with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. Development of the northern part of Sandy Springs needs to be a primary focus area. I support development of the northern part of my district, and plan to work together with incoming District 2 councilman Steve Soteres to achieve this goal. 

Local Schools

I firmly support public education and an equitable education for every child in Sandy Springs. Our community deserves first class schools for our students, homeowners, and the community at large. I intend to foster a closer relationship between the City of Sandy Springs and Fulton County Schools. As a citizen and former North Springs High School parent, I support Citizens for A New North Springs (CFANNS), an organization formed to advocate for a new and modernized building for North Springs High School. An updated school not only benefits the students and teachers, but also attracts new families and businesses to our young and growing city. I believe the City and Fulton Schools can work more closely to achieve common goals. 

Traffic Challenges

Sandy Springs has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past decades, and with that growth comes traffic challenges. The six North Fulton cities are working together to have a comprehensive, regional solutions, not city-by-city solutions. We must also work with East Cobb and Dunwoody because that is where a majority of cars come from each day. Because of T-SPLOST, many projects are already beginning but we must continue to creatively address the problems. The best solution is to get people out of their cars by expanding public transit within and outside of Sandy Springs. 

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